Bilateral Relation


Indonesia and Uzbekistan have established the cordial relationship since Uzbekistan was under the Soviet Union Administration. On 28 December 1991, Indonesia acknowledged the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan declared on 31 August 1991 and support the accession of Uzbekistan to be the member of the United Nations.

The increase of both states relations can be notified by reciprocal visit of leaders and officials, since the signing of the Joint Communiqué of the Opening of Diplomatic Relations between Indonesia-Uzbekistan and Agreement between the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Uzbekistan on 23 June 1992 and the opening of Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent on 19 May 1994, accredited also to Kyrgyzstan (Uzbekistan opened its embassy in Jakarta in July 1996). The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov paid a state visit to Indonesia on June 22-23, 1992 and the President of the Republic of Indonesia Soeharto conducted a state visit to Uzbekistan on 8 – 10 April 1995. The cooperation of the two countries also well performed in the multilateral forum such as the UN and NAM. Uzbekistan supported the candidacy of Indonesia in international bodies and in reverse Indonesia support Uzbekistan’s position in many international organizations particularly on the UN Resolution concerning human rights situation. Both Government have agreed to establish the Committee on Bilateral Consultation which conducted the first Meeting in Tashkent (7 – 9 December 2005), followed by the second meeting in Bandar Lampung (28 – 29 September 2006), third meeting in Tashkent (29 June 2007), and fourth meeting in Medan (March 2008). Both governments also have agreed to advance the level of the meeting by conducting the First Meeting of Joint Commission in Jakarta on 11 – 13 February 2009.To promote fruitful relations, both governments have negotiated several agreements and Memorandums of Understanding that will be signed in the future, such as:

Agreement on the Cooperation in Preventing and Combating Terrorism, Transnational Organized Crime and Other Types of Crime;

  • MOU on Establishment of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission for Economic, Technical, and Investment Cooperation;
  • Agreement on Mutual Assistance in Customs Matters;
  • MOU between Agencies for Standardization, Metrology and Certification;
  • Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Assistance on the Observance of the Tax Legislation;
  • Cooperation Agreement on Information and Communication Technology;
  • MOU on Energy Cooperation;
  • MOU on Sister City between Banda Aceh and Samarqand.

The economic relationship between Indonesia and Uzbekistan has not performed both countries satisfaction since the trade volume still low. Based on the statistic of the Indonesian Department Trade and the Indonesian Statistical Agency, total trade volume of both countries in 2008 reached US$ 13,7 million with export Indonesia to Uzbekistan US$ US$ 3,8 million and import Indonesia from Uzbekistan US$ 9,9 million. This shows deficit for Indonesia at the amount of US$ 6,1 million. The Indonesia export commodities to Uzbekistan among others include rattan products, textile and textile product, canned food, tea, wood product, soap, shampoo, chocolate, palm oil, machinery equipment, tire, electronic equipment, tobacco and medicine. Both countries have also developed investment cooperation and other sectors. Indonesia investment in Uzbekistan includes Hotel Le Grande Plaza owned by Albros Company, joint venture on fixed telecommunication between Bakrie Brother and UZI (Uzbek International Telecommunication), whereas Uzbekistan investment in Indonesia is conducted by PT Trans Asia Resources on coal investment.

To promote culture, Indonesia has conducted a series of promotion activities in Uzbekistan through cultural nights, film shows, establishing center for Indonesian language in the university (Tashkent and Samarqand) and dance training in Samarqand.Every year Indonesia also offers several educations for study Indonesia language and technical training under the scheme of Darmasiswa of the Indonesia Ministry of Education, and South-South Cooperation and Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries.

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